Thursday, December 20, 2012

OUR OWN END - No Future For Minds (2012)

The year, nay the world, is coming to an end.  And while researching the appropriate depth to bury my semi trailer turned Z-day/apocalypse proof shelter in the back 40 I came across my lonely blog.  Neglected whilst making preparations for the Niburu welcoming committee.  Word has come down, however, that the 7" Our Own End has been waiting for is due to be in our hands before the end of the Mayan calendar.  Rejoice!

Order the record from Our Own End's bandcamp page

Friday, July 13, 2012


Bemidji, MN is nestled in a gorgeous expanse of coniferous forest that blankets most of the northern part of the state. The call to nature is strong when you are there and a primal desire to return to the fold can be overwhelming; the perfect setting for the ripping crust punk of Fulcrum! Pictured above is the limited edition screen printed sleeve. The band's online presence is scant at best so you'll probably have to ask around or catch them live to get your hands on a copy of this EP and if you are wise you will do as much.

FULCRUM - Leaders

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tiger Blue

When you first buy a guitar you think "god i'm gonna fucking shred this thing up one day!" Unfortunately for most of us that day never comes and a lifetime of strumming the chords to a mediocre (at best) Poison song ensues. Not for Tom Hoogenboom of Tiger Blue, however. Dude can shred. A 5 song EP (if you can call it that since no song is under four riff-heavy minutes) is due out later this month. Listen to Line In The Sand from said EP below and lick the flames, go on lick em!

Tiger Blue - Line In The Sand

Keep up to date on where to catch Tiger Blue live and pick up a copy of the new release.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!!! - Written Off


I know a lot of you are examining yourselves under a more powerful lense as a new year kicks off. Maybe you are gonna finally quit smoking or get fit... but what's the point? You know it won't last. My advice is to head for the desert with a trunk full of drugs on some kind of Fear and Loathing fantasy binge. But if an acid soaked suicide mission isn't in the cards may I, as your attorney, recommend listening to this as yet unreleased track from Written Off? It's called Highway Steve and if you spin it with your eyes closed it's a pretty good substitute for those of us who have more tedious tasks to tend to. *whimper*

Written Off - Highway Steve:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Peer Precious - Bless This Mess (2011)

Hailing from Duluth, Peer Precious are a band of basement show veterans delivering stories of hitchhiking, cats, being on the road and cats through the time honored tradition of song. By the way, when I say cats that second time there what I really mean to say is true love(?). Whatever. As for being on the road, Peer Precious will be touring most of the country this fall carrying with them freshly pressed copies of their debut LP, Bless This Mess, being jointly released by Dirt Cult Records and Anti-Civ Records. I'm nearly shittin' my britches waiting for this one to come out! Be sure to find out when they're playing near you so you can one day testify to the judge of judges your worth.

Listen to Intergalactic Champ from the new record, Bless This Mess.